ICAL Products and Services (Corporate Training)

ICAL offers 6 levels of corporate training  to create and sustain innovation to increase performance improvement within your organization. 

ICAL Innovation Training is completely unique.  

When you step into an ICAL classroom, you will be surrounded by the sound of music playing, the sight of a room filled with colorful art posters and training content, the scent of aromas that help you concentrate, the touch of fabric on the tables, and the setup of the room in a vast semi-circle where all participants can see the trainers and each other. 

It is an environment you probably have never experienced while attending corporate training.

Participants experience hands-on confidence and useful acquisition of the basic tools and research-based methodologies that make the ICAL Inside system unique and innovative in the field of Accelerative Learning.  

Some of the Learning Outcomes to expect from ICAL Innovation Training are:

  • Producing more effective outcomes from training in less time and with greater ease.
  • Creating a powerful learning environment with visuals, music, and room setup.
  • Giving effective presentations that produce competent participants.
  • Being more relaxed during training.
  • Integrating content into activities in less time and with greater ease.
  • Recognizing and training effectively to Gardner's 9 Multiple Intelligences.
  • Addressing Canfield’s 7 psychological objectives to ensure maximum learner retention.
  • Addressing the learning requirements of every participant.
  • Guaranteeing a higher success rate among participants.
  • Increasing retention and recall during and after training.
  • Instilling higher confidence among participants.
  • Reducing training times and costs.

Click on the following training seminars for more detail:

Level 1: ICAL Training Best Practices  (30 hours)

Level 2: ICAL Design Best Practices  (30 hours)

Level 3: ICAL Course Design (Scroll)  (30 hours)

Level 4: ICAL Activity Design  (30 hours)

Level 5: ICAL Material Design  (30 hours)

Level 6: ICAL Performance Improvement Coaching 

To find out how your organization can benefit from Innovation Training, contact us.

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