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International economic theory is obsolete.  The traditional factors of production – land, labor, and capital – are becoming restraints rather than driving forces.  Knowledge is becoming the one critical factor of production.  It has two incarnations: knowledge applied to existing processes, services and products is productivity; knowledge applied to the new is innovation. Knowledge has become the central, key resource that knows no geography.
- Peter Drucker

In today’s global market, the ability to innovate may mean the difference between success and failure in the marketplace.

Training is the most expensive intervention to increase human performance within an organization (see the Dozen Doors).  Therefore, it makes sense to make sure the organization is undertaking the correct intervention to solve whatever performance issue it is experiencing. It also makes sense to ensure that, whenever training is used, your training department is delivering the most effective training possible.

ICAL offers three short term packages to measure and improve innovation within your organization.

1. Innovation Snap Shot

The Innovation Snap Shot is a 3-day intervention that identifies areas
of excellence and areas of improvement within the training
department of your organization.  The Innovation Snap Shot reveals
how training is supporting the organization’s business strategy, and
what elements of training may produce a higher return on investment
for the organization. 

How can your organization benefit from an Innovation Snap Shot?  Contact us.

2. Innovation Quest

The Innovation Quest is a 4-day intervention that includes the
Innovation Snap Shot, plus a one-day 65 Best Practices Analysis.  
The 65 Best Practices Analysis examines the effectiveness of
trainers within the training department.

How can your organization benefit from an Innovation Quest?  Contact us.

3. Innovation Forum

The Innovation Forum is a 5-day intervention that includes the
Innovation Snap Shot and the Innovation Quest, plus a one-day
Innovation Forum Panel Discussion.

The Innovation Forum Panel Discussion allows representatives from
the key stakeholder groups inside the organization to ask and
answer questions about the current match between training and the
organization’s strategic goals.

How can your organization benefit from an Innovation Forum?  Contact us.

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