Innovation Institutes

ICAL offers three Innovation Institutes ranging from 12-18 month interventions to 18-26 month interventions.  An Innovation Institute addresses deep organizational change for a large volume of people through the development of a 'dream team'.  An Innovation Institute:

Builds Quantum Economy human capital:
                          - Creates “Innovationeers” with Knowledge Economy skills.
                          - Allows your country or organization to be the first one to offer such a
                            program for  its population.
                          - Builds skills, attitudes and mindsets to succeed in the global economy.

Provides access to all populations:
                          - Offers an education-for-all program.
                          - Offers customized courses for women, vocational, university students and
                            other critical need sectors.
                          - Combines independent study programs with classroom instruction.

Is designed to be managed by your country as a symbol of national pride:
                          - Customized to the national culture and celebrates the unique assets of its
                          - Creates a team of Knowledge Economy Teachers as national assets.
                          - Innovationeers will become an example of national ingenuity and hope for 
                            the future.

Targets critical sectors and designed for measurable performance:
                          - Aimed at performance in vocational, teacher training or other selected
                            growth sectors.
                          - Incorporates Knowledge Economy Master Plan targets.
                          - Responsive to new challenges and continuous improvement. 

Creates software for the mind:
                          - Combines 11 educational technologies that address body, mind, spirit and 
                          - Fosters creativity, motivation, enthusiasm, initiative, and hope for the
                          - Develops skills and attitudes to create value and personal insight.

Becomes self-funding after startup:
                          - Operates as turnkey facility that is self-sufficient after development phase.
                          - Increases productivity and profitability to support increased demand.
                          - Includes Return on Investment to capitalization organization.
                          - Offers a return in both human and financial terms.

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