ICAL's Innovation Snap Shot

The Innovation Snap Shot is a 3-day intervention that identifies areas of
excellence and areas of improvement within the training department of
your organization.  The Innovation Snap Shot reveals how training is
supporting the organization’s business strategy, and what elements of
training may produce a higher return on investment for the organization. 

Day 1:  The organization assembles a team of 20-25 key stakeholders to take part in a 6-hour process that uses a series of focused activities to allow the 25 participants to examine where innovation is present, where innovation is needed, and how innovation is correctly matched with the business strategy of the organization.  By the end of day one, the participants produce an Innovation Gap Analysis of the organization (an analysis of innovation in 80 individual points in 8 different areas) and a Business Strategy Grid Matrix of how to fill any gaps that have been identified by the group.

Day 2:  The ICAL team goes inside your organization and correlates the Innovation Gap Analysis produced the day before with actual training being conducted.  The ICAL team also analyzes how existing training is currently supporting the key business strategies identified in day one.  The team looks at the results from current training, at the results from past training, and how future training is matched with the organization’s current short and long-term strategic goals.

Day 3:  The ICAL team creates an Innovation Report of Findings that makes recommendations for action steps to maximize the organization’s return on investment for training, in both human and financial terms.

Outcomes to expect (just a few of many more that you will acquire):

  • Examine the match between training and the organization’s strategic goals
  • Apply the 32 key Innovation Skills to your training
  • 16 Globalization skills
  • 8 Knowledge Economy skills
  • 8 Lifelong Learning skills
  • Measure 4 levels of return on training
  • Increase training effectiveness using the 9 multiple intelligences
  • Apply 6 critical thinking skills to any solution 
  • Harness the skills of “Doers” to increase application of training to any challenge

How can your organization benefit from an Innovation Snap Shot?  Contact us.

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